The project "Sinchi Warmi", meaning " strong woman" in their indigenous language, Kichwa was started in 2004 by 11 women. Building everything on their own, they devote their courage, energy, and livelihood to improving the quality of their lives and the lives of their children. Created and ran by women, Sinchi Warmi offers a variety of authentic cabins, meeting room, chapel, restaurant and a variety of indigenous activities. The women always receive their guests with open arms and an enthusiasm to share their Kichwa traditions. With their project, they hope to show the beauty of their traditions and culture as Kichwa women in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Activities and Events

Join us in an early morning dream ritual to have the meaning of your dreams analyzed. Take a nature walk to a cacao plantation and see how chocolate is made or see one of our indigenous ceremonies such as a cleansing ritual, dance or our own indigenous music.

Reserve Your Adventure

All rooms are made of cane and bamboo to fit into the natural setting of the Amazon. All have a private bath and include mosquito nets for all beds
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Special Offers
We offer many specials for the holidays, for rooms, for events, activities and adventures
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We have a wide variety of specials for groups from cabin rentals, conference room, weddings, group events, activities and adventures
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